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Ameripak is a leading
manufacturer of
Air Cargo Containers

What are Air Cargo Containers

Protect your goods in transit with air cargo containers from Ameripak. Air cargo containers, also known as air freight containers, are heavy-duty double wall boxes used for shipping both domestic and international air-bound cargo. Our heavy-duty double-wall constructed air cargo containers are customizable, durable, and designed to last. IATA and ATA approved, Ameripak’s air cargo containers are manufactured from 350#/ECT 51 double wall corrugated cardboard. These containers are available knocked down or set up for quick packaging, and offer a collapsible feature to ensure proper storage and re-use capabilities. Your container will come fully equipped with two removable panels and top and bottom to ensure safe and efficient delivery.

*Use with ISTM-15 heat treated wood pallets (sold separately) to meet overseas shipment standards.

Air Cargo Containers


  • 4-way entry hardwood pallet
  • Heavy-duty double-wall-construction
  • Easy setup
  • Collapsible for storage and re-use

Let Us Design a Custom Packaging Solution That Fits Your Needs

Whatever your packing needs are, Ameripak’s diverse packaging options can help. We look forward to discussing how we can improve your quality shipments with our customizable products and services.
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Setting Up Your Air Cargo Container

Setting Up Your Air Cargo Container

Air cargo containers arrive disassembled and take up to 30 seconds to put together. Our standard size Air Cargo Container is available and it is item AF584145 with a pack tare weight of 17.9 lbs and a rated capacity of 1,200 lbs.


Wood Crates for Damaged, Defective, or Recalled (D/D/R) Batteries

Our custom crates are tested to meet all requirements of DOT Title 49 CFR 173.185(f)

  • Each battery must be placed in individual, non-metallic inner packaging that completely encloses the battery
  • Inner packaging must be surrounded by cushioning material that is non-combustible, electrically non-conductive, and absorbent
  • Outer packaging must meet the requirement of Packaging Group I - Wood Crate (4C1, 4C2, 4D, 4F) or Plywood (1D)
  • For Large Batteries - Outer packaging must meet the requirement large rigid packaging - Plywood (50D)
  • Outer packaging must be marked with "Damaged/defective lithium ion battery"
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