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Damaged, Defective, Recalled (D/D/R) Battery Packaging

Lithium Battery Recycling Race Heating Up After Inflation Reduction Act Passes. The Inflation Reduction Act is poisted to inject $369 billion on climate and energy programs, including tax credits for buying electric vehicles. Those credits...

We Work Closely With Our Clients to Fully Understand Their Packaging Requirements

Lithium Batteries are not easy to transport because of the UN regulation. Ameripak walked me through the entire process – from design, first article, UN performance testing, to final product. Would recommend. Dawn F. | EV Battery Manufacturer 5 Stars


Wood Crates for Damaged, Defective, or Recalled (D/D/R) Batteries

Our custom crates are tested to meet all requirements of DOT Title 49 CFR 173.185(f)

  • Each battery must be placed in individual, non-metallic inner packaging that completely encloses the battery
  • Inner packaging must be surrounded by cushioning material that is non-combustible, electrically non-conductive, and absorbent
  • Outer packaging must meet the requirement of Packaging Group I - Wood Crate (4C1, 4C2, 4D, 4F) or Plywood (1D)
  • For Large Batteries - Outer packaging must meet the requirement large rigid packaging - Plywood (50D)
  • Outer packaging must be marked with "Damaged/defective lithium ion battery"
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