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Ameripak is a leading
manufacturer of
Wood Crates
Wood Crates

Wood Crates Styles Include:

  • Commercial Wood Crates
  • Industrial Wood Crates
  • Sure-Lok® Crates
  • Hazmat Wood Crates & Boxes
  • UN DOT 4G and 50D Crates
  • Military Grade Wood Crates
  • ISPM 15 HT Export Crates
  • Knock-down Crates
  • Returnable Crates

Offering our clients a reliable and versatile medium for both domestic and international shipments, Ameripak is the leading manufacturer of wooden crates, wood boxes, and shipping crates throughout North America.

We custom manufacture standard commercial wood crates, HazMat, Mill-Spec, export-friendly crates, and more. Designs and features can vary based on the specific needs of your business.

Our packaging engineers use state-of-the-art tools to design, build, and test your custom wooden crates, ensuring your delivery reaches its final destination undamaged. In addition, we manufacture any type of protective interior dunnage, utilizing shock resistant foam products and moisture barrier crating to house important cargo.

Whether you’re shipping furniture or high-tech products, our staff has the expertise and experience to solve your custom wood crating needs and take every consideration into account.


Let Us Design a Custom Packaging Solution That Fits Your Needs

Boxes, wood crates, foam inserts, foam sheets, trays, and more — whatever your packing needs are, Ameripak’s wide variety of packaging options finds the perfect fit. Since our start in 1995, we’ve helped thousands of customers across numerous industries with our made-in-the-USA packing solutions in custom shapes and sizes.

For the ultimate protection during shipping, choose Ameripak's charcoal foam, poly foam, and more. Read more about our protective packaging solutions and services below, and get in touch with us today!

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50D Wood Crate with Custom Foam

Custom Dunnage Capabilities

Our design experience will provide solutions to protect high tech products to moisture barrier crating (utilizing VCI technology) and packaging systems for shipping valuable equipment all over the world. The engineers that we have on staff have the knowledge and experience to meet your crating needs and ensure customer satisfaction.



HazMat and Dangerous Goods Shipping Crates

Ameripak is experienced in HazMat packaging and shipping procedures, allowing us to create specific wood crates meant to handle hazardous and dangerous goods such as chemical, biological, and radioactive materials.


Focused on the safety of transporting dangerous goods, our technicians design CAD engineered crates to ensure a custom fit around your equipment. The final design for each project is tested and certified in our state-of-the-art testing facility.

Our testing facilities will test and certify the final design per Title 49 Sec. 173.185: Packaging for Lithium Cells and Batteries and Title 49 Sec. 178: Performance Testing for Large Packaging (50D Wood Crates).


Industrial Wood Crates

UN Certified Wood Crates and Wooden Boxes

Ameripak is well-equipped to handle a wide array of shipping needs for wood crates for both prototype and full production lithium ion batteries, modules, and packs

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Clip Lock Style Crates

The Sure-Lok® crate system is a simple, yet innovative crate design. Each panel is precisely crafted creating interlocking edges that enable all sides to fit together for exceptional strength that protects your package.

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Military Grade Wood Crates

Every member of the Ameripak team upholds a commitment to quality. We are capable of providing packaging for full use military specifications, ensuring all products are developed in compliance with MIL-STD-2073-1, DOD Standard Practice.

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Commercial Grade Wood Crates and Custom Wood Boxes

With Ameripak, you can store and ship your cargo with confidence. We’ve helped thousands of customers on their search for the perfect wood box. Reduce shipping costs and save space in warehouse storage with our wide array of commercial crate and custom wood box options, made right here in the USA.

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Damaged or Recalled Lithium Battery Crates

At Ameripak, we produce economical wood crates suitable for a wide range of uses. We can even design and manufacture packaging compliant for shipping damaged or recalled lithium ion batteries.

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