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Reduce Freight Costs With Lighter (Corrugated) Boxes

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Increasing freight costs got you down?

When shipping heavty-duty products, most will resort to using wood crates as an exepndable option due to their ruggedness and reusability. But wood crates can be heavy and claim a lot space on trailer beds, adding to already elevated freight costs.  

Consider instead using tri-wall or triple wall boxes for shipping bulk-sized and heavy products. Triple wall boxes can be just as strong as a plywood box but weigh much less! 


On average, Triple Wall Corrugated Boxes are 67% lighter than wood crates of similar inner dimensions.

Worried about strength and robustness? Triple wall is constructred of three layers of corrugated fluting and liner board providing it with stiffness and crush resistance.  

What Type of Corrugated Box Do I Need Based on Part Weight? 

A standard corrugated box, say one that you receive from online retailer, is typically a single wall box (aka made from a single wall of corrugated fluting and liner). See image below.
With a triple wall box (three walls of corrugated), you are getting two additional layers of corrugated fluting. Fluting is surprisingly strong and can provide a rigid outer shell for packaging almost any heavy duty item.